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Gather Box Archiving Kit - up to 500 Photos

Gather Box Archiving Kit - up to 500 Photos

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The Gather Box is an easy, affordable way to preserve treasured photographic memories. Fill the Gather Box with print . Drop it off at our store (or reach out to us for pick-up). Then, our team of archiving experts will carefully scan your images and save them to DVD for safe long-term storage and easy sharing with family members.There is a USB option for the extra cost of the USB. Use the digital files to make prints, books or any of our photo products of your treasured old photographs. This is a great way to share memorabilia with multiple family members!
If you would like to have the Gather Box shipped, there is a $35
​ "3-way" shipping fee.  This covers having the box shipped to you, shipping the filled box back to us (with a prepaid label), and having the final product and all of your photos shipped back to you.


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